XICATO quality

We are proud to work with Xicato LED modules, providing excellence, bringing efficiency, reliability, without compromise of colour rendering.

Our main focus in design is to combine the exceptional quality of Xicato LED modules with our high quality approach of functionality and a clean aesthetic. The awareness of the advantages that quality light serves, the effects and influences good lighting achieves in diverse settings and living situations. These are the topics that make us appreciate Xicato highly as a partner.

Interaction and smart lighting

Bluetooth Lighting Control Solution

In a more and more connected world smart solutions become more important. Integration and administration of lights and controls should be a simple process.
Xicato components work perfectly together:

Light Sources

For over a decade, Xicato has engineered and developed the industry’s most reliable LED modules that lighting designers recognize as the highest quality light available. Xicato’s patented spectral options, Artist, Beauty, Designer, Standard, and Vibrant, are unmatched for their color rendering, color maintenance, dimming performance and reliability.

Smart Controls

Lighting controls support more productive environments, feelings of comfort and safety, and they provide significant operational savings from energy savings and maintenance and repair costs.
Xicato’s Bluetooth Mesh lighting controls are designed to provide a superior range of control and monitoring and to reduce the implementation and maintenance costs at any site.

Control Software

Xicato’s Control Panel provides total administrative, provisioning, configuration, and real-time control and monitoring control of a Xicato lighting control network. Its clean, simple design makes it easy to quickly analyze, evaluate and manage your lighting controls. Available for Windows or MacOS, Control Panel supports provisioning, configuration, control and monitoring of Xicato’s Smart Controls and the entire network including: device numbering and naming, secure group names and passwords, group and scene creation and assignment, scheduling, and sensor responses. Users can quickly and easily add and manage beacons and monitor all of the operational data available from the various devices.

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